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To best serve the constantly changing world we live and work in, we at Telos developed a new consultancy model. One built on strong client orientation and on-going commitment to creative excellence.


Our belief: The best results are achieved by working together closely with our clients. And by drawing from our growing pool of strategic and creative resources worldwide. Doing so allows us to build the right teams and develop best-fit solutions for each unique advertising, branding, service, product and communication challenge. We do give consultancy for given areas:


Clarity of direction and innovation strategy, well defined processes, well defined roles and future exact plan. We do deep dive workshops for below metrics in order to establish first the strategy and all related documents, processes and roles.



To trigger consumer insights through networks and exploration, balance between creativity and value capture. A consumer insight rooted in empathy is the seed from which meaningful innovation can grow. We use empathy as a tool to help our clients get better insights by connecting them with the real people they serve. Our desire is to transform market research and change the brand-to- buyer mentality into a human-to- human relationship.


We have targettable real users for all ages and gender. Plus we have 600 offline community who do offline tests and report their findings. Plus online and offline services we support our partners for below services.

  • Ethnographic Research

  • Consumer Lab

  • On The Road Observation

  • Home Visits 

  • Side Visits

  • Empathy Trainings


Short and powerful process to catch market opportunities before competition. A powerful insight should not be left to chance. Execution means all. We understand team dynamics and the science behind how people create. Utilizing core principles of human creativity, we help our clients use their insights to generate ideas for a new message, product or service that is meaningful to consumers and delivers on business goals. Plus we create together Go to Market strategy based on all dynamics included.


  • 3D Ideation Sessions, Consumer Lab, Trend Analysis, Prototyping, Trainings

  • Marketing Plan, Sales Channels, Retail Communication Plan and Team Resources

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