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Leadership Traits for Succesful Entrepreneurs

Kolektif House, Levent

Successful people are pretty good at solving problems because they utilize their networks to find solutions. They pose the right questions to the right people to resolve an issues.



Power of ‘’WE’’ Experience: Insight Driven Ideas

Kolektif House, Levent

Consumers are emotionally attached to everything a brand does, says and communicates. Consumers need to be able to trust what they see and recognize.  Thus, it is vital to establish a solid brand strategy to explain the lifestyle of the target group and establish the“reason why” instead of “what”.



Tailor Made Workshops

Kolektif House, Levent

Receive frequent one-on-one time with the influential entrepreneurs in provide guidance, share progress, and receive crucial feedback. Facilitated by our "hands-on" mentors, participants will learn how to build a scalable business model, attract and maintain customers, and generate revenue for their startup.

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